Change your disparate HR solutions.

you can now move to automated and integrated software for the whole HR process.

ISE Application is our Human Capital Management Solution that can help you do better from your HR department. With this automated and integrated solution, you may digitalize all of your processes and documentations. It will handle your HR needs and drive efficiency while eliminating your manual systems. This can be more beneficial in reducing risks of entering and calculation errors.

Product Value Proposition

Complete Suite Solution

Integrated Human Resource Management Software

Anchored with Government Mandates Solution

Includes all of the government mandated benefits, reports, and forms

Best Price Solution

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ISE Application

ISE Application Timekeeping System
ISE Application HRIS
ISE Application Payroll Suite


Complete Timekeeping System

  • Unlimited Number of Employees,
  • Multi-User
  • Multiple Company in 1 location only
  • Schedule Management
  • Leave Filing
  • Overtime Filing
  • Night Differentials
  • Holidays
  • Computation of Hours Worked
  • Unlimited Workstations (One Site)

Complete Human Resource Information System

  • Personnel Info
  • Employee
  • Resigned
  • Training
  • Training Activity
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Employee Commendation
  • Employee Movement
  • Employee Offense
  • Incident
  • Training List Report
  • Staff Attended Per Training
  • Employee Reports
    • Certification
    • Birthday List
    • Addresses and Contacts
    • Employee Hire Date
    • Employee Regularization Date
    • Employee Movement
    • Resigned Employee Training Reports
  • Commendation Report
  • Commendation Count Report
  • Offense Report
  • Offense Count Report
  • Performance Scorecard
  • User Group
  • User     

Complete Payroll System

  • SSS Monthly Report
  • HDMF Monthly Report
  • PHIC Monthly Report
  • Alphalist Report
  • Loans
  • Unlimited Payroll Items
  • Unlimited Workstations(one Site)
  • Cost Center Distribution Per Day
  • Payroll Processing

Note: Credit leave deductions, 13th month computation, Government mandatory deductions, ATD’s COE’S, Final Pay, Cash Bond Deduction

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